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"What a delightful book! The illustrations are wonderful, the story easily readable to kids. My kids are not donor conceived, and this is a great book for us to have on our shelf to help them understand something that is a part of the experience of other people they will meet in their lives, and who knows, could be a part of their own lives in the future. Love & understanding make the world a better place, and kids happier, healthier people. Thank you to all who were involved in creating this gorgeous book!"

"My wife and I used a donor to have our daughter. I totally cried while reading this book to her. We loved it."

"Great book! We were so glad to get this book and share it with our 8 and 5 year old kids, both donor conceived. The story has just the right amount of detail and fun pictures. It helped us to talk about the origins of our own family with them (finally!) Our five year old son especially loves the pictures of the family on the roller coaster and having fun together, and the surprise at the end when we realize Zak has a younger sister. Thanks so much to the author for writing this book!"

"What a beautiful book! Gorgeous illustration, light and playful, and a great approach to the subject matter. Especially worth reading for those who still believe Zak is somehow different. He is just a normal little boy loved by his family."

"Amazing book I suggest for any family that used a donor my 2 & 4 year old are conceived via sperm bank donation and they understood the book - it's simply written."

"Well written, beautifully illustrated, an instant favorite with my donor conceived son! Finally, a book he can see himself in!"

"We are a two-mom family and our 6-year-old loves this book. Great to have this on our bookshelf!"

"LOVE this. My wife and I are planning to use a donor we know, and were worried about how to tell our child as they grow. This was a fantastic book to get! We love it! There's quite a bit of information about how to approach this subject, and to feel comfortable with you decision to make a family possible."

"Fantastic book! I couldn't wait to get it, and it didn't let me down. It has great language for donor conceived children, wonderful artwork, and an adorable story to boot. Definitely a must have for any family with donor conceived kids!"

"It's so nice to have a book that describes how are family came to be. The illustrations are beautiful. Great book!"

"We got this book for future reading for our 10 month old daughter. It's very informative, but in a way kids will understand. I look forward to reading this to my daughter when she's older, although we've of course already read it several times. The illustrations are also fantastic."

"What a great book for children of same sex families. So respectful and easy for children to understand. Loved it."

"Our family has been waiting for a book like this to come along! There has been more talk about sperm and eggs in our house in the past month than there was during the year we were trying to conceive. It is developmentally appropriate, fun, informative, and spot-on. THANK YOU!"

"We love Zak's Safari at our house - in both English and French! It's been requested nightly at bedtime since it arrived in the mail.

There are so few books that reflect our family, and most of those books with two moms don't dig into how our families were started. You should have seen our 4-year-old daughter's face light up when she realized that Zak had a donor too! And, Zak even has brown skin like her. It was so re-affirming and reassuring. And, she's pretty stoked to let everyone know that she now knows how babies are made as well.

We're so grateful that Zak's Safari exists. The illustrations are absolutely lovely. Thank you for writing this book."

"We love Zak the book our baby is 18 months old. But we love it, I especially love the family pictures at the beach with the dog! I bought for a friend and I'm about to get two more for my two first birthday presents. Cheers!"

"We recently received our copy of the hardback book as kickstarted backers. We ABSOLUTELY love it!!! Everything about it is perfect. We feel totally represented and included; we love that it includes every possibility, even the ones that don't reference us (such as the effort taken to point out that MOST women have eggs but not all). My favorite part are the illustrations of the moms dreaming together about the future baby; my wife loves how the whole point is that we make a family in the end. Gracias a Zak and to everyone who made this possible!!"

"My girlfriend and I used tour book to tell our kids they are going to have a little brother or sister. We taped my ultrasound picture from today to the back of it. It was a great way to educate them about how their new sibling came to be and it they had a blast reading it. Thank you so much for your book!!"

"I loved this book! I am married and in a traditional relationship. My family enjoyed reading this book together. It was a great tool in teaching my kids about diversity, and acceptance and support for all people. This book was well written, informative, and entertaining. What a gift to the world!"

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